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    Home of quality, natural sausage casings
    Sausage Casings
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    Range of spices for sausages, biltong, hamburgers and more
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    Perfect sauces to complement your meal, from bbq sauce through to worcester sauce!
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    Have fun making your own homemade sausages
    Making sausages
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    Recipes for homemade sausages to tempt and delight your palate!
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    Contact us today and enjoy the quality of a South African made product!
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Why get your sausage casings from Copcas?

  • Copcas produces natural sausage casings from South African abattoirs.
  • Quality can be controlled as the sausage casings can be traced back to the source.
  • At Copcas you know you'll be getting excellent prices with a personal touch.
  • Everything you need for making sausages, including sausage spices, bandsaw blades and sauces.
  • Price includes delivery in Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal.

More about Copcas - sausage casing suppliers in South Africa.

Copcas - where you'll find quality, natural sausage casings

Copcas is the place to get quality, natural sausage casings. At Copcas you'll find the only sausage casings produced  in South Africa!

If you're looking for a good price, at excellent quality then come and get your sausage casings at Copcas. You'll enjoy our personal touch while supporting the local market. Unlike inferior imported sausage casings we can trace our casings right back to the source so that we know we can live up to our promise of quality.

Once a Copcas customer you won't get your sausage casings from anyone else, so contact Copcas today.

Where to get sausage casings in South Africa
Find the best sausage casings

Natural sausage casings are the scrubbed, salted intestines of a pig or sheep.

Sausage casings
how to make sausages
Have fun making your own sausages

Making homemade sausages is one of those lost arts that really is not as difficult as it sounds.

Sausage making
Recipes for sausages
Easy recipes for homemade sausages

Follow these easy recipes for homemade sausages to tempt and delight your palate!

Recipes for sausages


Did you know?

  • Sausage casing is the material that encloses the filling of a sausage.
  • Casings are divided into two categories, natural and artificial. Copcas supplies only natural casings.
  • Natural casings breathe, allowing cooking flavors to infuse the meat, giving a rich flavor.
  • Natural casings have unique natural curves and sheen giving the sausage visual appeal.
  • Natural casings are derived from the intestinal tract of farmed animals (usually pigs and cows).

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